Brevard College and Volt Athletics Partner to Enhance Strength & Conditioning Program

Brevard College and Volt Athletics Partner to Enhance Strength & Conditioning Program

BREVARD, N.C. – The Brevard College Department of Athletics has entered into a partnership with Volt Athletics to provide Tornado student-athletes with individualized, state-of-the-art technology for strength and conditioning programs.

"We are very excited for this partnership with Volt Athletics to bring Volt's technology and expertise to our student-athletes," said Brevard College Director of Athletics Myranda Nash.  "As a result, our teams will be more effective in their strength and conditioning programs, which will result in increased performance and wellness."

Trusted by over 1 million coaches and athletes, Volt's revolutionary AI technology delivers sport-specific, individualized training to athletes and teams in 150 countries.  Volt builds, tracks, and adapts each athlete's training program in real time based off of the athlete's or coach's feedback. Each training session builds on the last, carefully progressing the athletes to peak performance by the start of the season. Volt instructs each athlete exactly what to do in every workout, then logs each workout and adapts for future training.

"Brevard College is taking a proactive and unified approach towards strength and conditioning, and we're proud that our team at Volt gets to play a role," said Dan Giuliani, Co-Founder and CEO of Volt Athletics. "Because of this partnership, every student-athlete at Brevard can leverage Volt's AI training technology and will have access to personalized, sport-specific workouts to improve their health and athletic performance. Brevard is using technology to up their game and we're excited to be part of the Nado Nation!"

The partnership between Brevard College and Volt Athletics is effective immediately.  Volt's training system will be made available to every BC sport and student-athlete.

Volt Athletics Inc.® ('Volt') is the global leader in personalized training technology. Volt leverages artificial intelligence, sport science, and human performance to make world-class, research-based workouts accessible to everyone, everywhere. Learn more at